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Bike Fitting Service

Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy has recently introduced a new service that will help cyclists of all levels from beginners to professional. The specialised Bike Fitting service is offered by Adam Woolacott, a Sports Physiotherapist and also a keen cyclist.

When you buy a bike from your bike shop, the size that is closest to your fit is recommended. However, it may still be far from a perfect fit because bikes are produced in standard frame sizes…and there is no such thing as a standard human being.

We see many cyclists who complain of early fatigue, discomfort, tingling, stiffness or pain on the bike without realising their bike has not been correctly adjusted to their individual characteristics.

Physiotherapists, with their advanced knowledge of physiology, biomechanics, motor control and injury management, are uniquely suited to address all the factors that may contribute to cyclists not feeling their best when riding.

Not only can we adjust your bike to suit your specific body shape, but we can also adapt the bike to accommodate any of your not-so-perfect body parts. This is one of the advantages of having your bike fitted by a trained physiotherapist.

There is a large body of research that indicates bike set up and peddling techniques can both significantly improve cycling performance and minimise the risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Many of our cyclists also leave with a specific exercise program to address strength or flexibility limitations. This helps prevent future injuries or pain on their bike.

This specialist bike fitting program is a recent addition to other sport-specific services, including running assessments, which are offered by Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy.

What we Offer

Bike Fit appointments can be made at Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy's Bega clinic where Adam Woolacott will measure, assess, video analyse your riding style and make changes to your bike setup.

The first stage of the assessment involves:

  • Discussion of your cycling and injury history, short and long term cycling goals.
  • Overall body assessment, measuring flexibility, strength, stability and symmetry.
  • Video analysis of your current bike set up and pedalling technique.

The second stage of the assessment involves:

  • Saddle height, cleat position, reach and drop are adjusted as required
  • Fitting of compensation shims to accommodate differences in leg length
  • Position and pedalling technique is re-assessed following adjustment
  • Further fine tuning based on the riders’ response to the change in set up
  • Video analysis of your adjusted bike set up

The third stage of the assessment involves:

  • Provision of specific exercise program to address strength or flexibility limitations
  • Comprehensive report including your static and dynamic biomechanical assessment findings; the correction strategies (including any prescriptive exercises) for any identified biomechanical problems.
  • If we need to modify or change any existing parts to your bike we have a close relationship with local bike shops and can liaise direct with them to organise these parts.

The appointment takes approximately 2 hours and the cost is $209 and can be claimed from your health fund as physiotherapy services.

What to Wear/Bring

To allow as much time as possible to dedicate to you and your big fit please bring:

  • Your bike in good mechanical order. Ensure all seat post and stem screws are rust free and can be easily loosened for any adjustments (if they are not, please exchange for new screws prior to your fitting).
  • Cycling shoes. Ensure that all cleat screws are clean and free of mud and dirt. Ensure that your cleats can be easily loosened and adjusted (if they are stiff try applying lubricants like WD-40 and then try to loosen).
  • Any orthotics (old and new)
  • Your normal cycling clothing and socks
  • Cycling knicks (note: shorts are better than bibs for our assessment and marking your boney landmarks)

For more information email or to make a booking call 6492 0023.