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Cancer Rehabilitation

Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy offers a unique program for individuals following a cancer diagnosis.
The PINC and STEEL programs offer women and men following a cancer diagnosis a chance to improve their outcome, improve their quality of life, improve physical strength and reduce treatment related side effects. which can have an impact on quality of life..

Nicole Staight is a NZ trained physiotherapist with 20yrs experience. Nicole has been working in Merimbula on the Far South Coast NSW for the last 17 yrs in Private Practice. Trained as a PINC physiotherapist in 2011 and as a STEEL physiotherapist in 2013, Nicole is dedicated and passionate about helping individuals in the region regain an optimal recovery following a cancer diagnosis.

Many men and women have to travel long distances for treatment from this region so it is so important they have access to specialised care and rehabilitation that the PINC and STEEL programs offer.

Why Rehabilitation after Cancer Treatment so Important:

For cancer patients, after undergoing often gruelling and debilitating surgery and treatments, there is often little help for their return to normal life. As a PINC and STEEL Cancer Rehab Physiotherapist Nicole assesses each patient individually for physical impairments and the effects of their treatment and how it impacts on their life.

Some impairments patients suffer from are pain, fibrosis, muscle weakness, peripheral neuropathy, decreased range of movement, decreased cardiovascular functioning, fatigue, lymphoedema and incontinence.

Nicole works with each patient to create an individual rehabilitation program to suit their particular stage in recovery. The sessions can include a combination of services including; Manual physiotherapy, breathing exercises, lymphoedema management and prevention, graduated resistance training, individualised clinical pilates, fatigue management, scar tissue management and exercise prescription.

There is now an overwhelming body of research showing the benefits of physical activity and rehabilitation during and after cancer treatments in reducing side effects of treatments, improving quality survivorship and prognosis. There is now research that is showing physical exercise can significantly reduce recurrence of disease and mortality rates.

Nicole’s aim is to shift the focus from illness to wellness and to optimise physical and functional recovery for individuals.

As well as offering individualised sessions and Clinical Pilates, Nicole also runs a group PINC NEXT STEPS class 2x week. The group includes a combination of pilates, cardio and yoga. The group classes are not only beneficial in regaining strength and conditioning but
provides a great support network for the women. 

Nicole is very passionate about these programs. “The PINC and STEEL program is a wonderful and rewarding area of physiotherapy to be
working in. To make a difference to someone’s day, and to help improve an individuals quality of life is hugely rewarding both professionally and personally”.

If you would like further information please email Nicole at