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Hand Therapy

Our hands and upper limbs are vitally important in day to day tasks, such as dressing, driving, eating and working. Injury or painful conditions, like arthritis, of the hand and upper limb can cause great day to day difficulty.
Welcome to Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy

The Hand Therapy team at Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy consists of Naomi White and Ben Munro. They aim to provide highly specialised treatment for injuries and conditions of the hand, wrist, and upper limb.

Naomi White  is a member of the Australian Hand Therapy Association, and is one of the founding members of this association. Members of the AHTA must demonstrate a high level of experience and expertise in evaluation and treatment of upper limb conditions, to become Hand Therapists.

The Hand Therapy team at Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy use a wide range of techniques to assess movement, sensation, strength and function. Treatment can include specific exercises, splintage, sensory re-education, and techniques to manage scar and swelling. Each treatment programme is individualised, and reviewed as healing progresses.

There are many commonly occurring conditions of the hand, wrist and arm which respond well to hand therapy.

In its early stages, carpal tunnel syndrome may be fully corrected with simple hand therapy measures. In more advanced cases, hand therapy can help to control the symptoms while awaiting surgery. The hand therapist performs sensory tests, which have been extensively researched, to determine the best course of management in carpal tunnel syndrome.

The joints of our hands and wrist, especially the joints at the base of the thumb, are common sites for painful, debilitating arthritis. Hand therapy techniques of exercise, activity modification, and splintage can help maintain good hand function, and reduce pain, for people with arthritis.

Recovery after fractures of the wrist and hand is optimised by hand therapy, ensuring maximum possible recovery of movement, strength, and function.

Recent research strongly supports physiotherapy as the optimal management of tennis elbow.  A range of specific exercises are used to address this condition.

Our Hand Therapy team has decades of experience coordinating and providing post operative care with local surgeons, and with Hand Surgeons in the capital cities. This ensures optimal management of those conditions requiring surgery. The hand therapy service at Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy enables people who have had injuries and operations to access this highly specialised treatment locally, and avoid unnecessary travel to larger centres.
Australian Hand Therapy Association
The Australian Hand Therapy Association Inc. (AHTA) is Australia's only professional association representing hand therapists. AHTA provides support for its members through continuing education, professional development, networking and representation at state and national levels. AHTA also acts as a central referral point for doctors and members of the public seeking the services of Hand Therapists in specific geographic locations.
American Society for Surgery of the Hand
The most comprehensive online resource for hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder information, prepared by the largest and oldest organisation dedicated to care of the hand and upper extremity.