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Many people go through life putting up with pain thinking that there is nothing that can be done about it. For some, exercise actually stirs up their condition giving them restless nights and restricted movement the next day. If this sounds familiar then perhaps hydrotherapy is for you?

Hydrotherapy is a mix of aquatic exercise and physiotherapy. Exercising in the hydrotherapy pool provides a number of benefits. First, the warm water relieves muscle and joint tension. Second, the water supports the participant’s body, helping improve their ability to move freely. The pressure of the water also helps reduce swelling in limbs.

Those suffering from joint and muscle injuries, people recovering from surgery or from stroke and those with back problems can be helped. Even those who are looking for a gentle, scientifically-based way of maintaining general health and fitness whilst pregnant or in old age will benefit from hydrotherapy.

It is essential that you be assessed before participating in hydrotherapy by one of our qualified physiotherapist. They can create and supervise hydrotherapy programs that are tailor-made to each client. This ensures maximum benefit is derived from participation and this can often be many times more effective than what can be gained from a standard dry land exercise class.

Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy offers hydrotherapy sessions in Bega, Merimbula and Cooma.

Bega Hydrotherapy - Bega Village Motor Inn

In Bega, take the driveway next to the BP service station in Gipps St into the Bega Village Motor Inn & check in at reception. A pool usage fee of $5 will be charged. Standard physiotherapy consultation charges also apply (reimbursed by insurance if you’re covered by WorkCover, Third Party or Veterans Affairs).

Merimbula Hydrotherapy - 

Cooma Hydrotherapy – Cooma Hospital

Located on the ground floor of Cooma Hospital. Standard physiotherapy consultation charges apply.

What to bring to hydrotherapy

  • Swim wear & towel
  • Plastic drink container filled with water

Ask our staff for more details