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Australian Physiotherapy Association
Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) represents over 12,000 physiotherapists around Australia. The APA works with governments and educational bodies to try to ensure that a quality physiotherapy service is available when and where you need it.
The University of Sydney
The Discipline of Physiotherapy is part of the Faculty of Health Sciences. Physiotherapy deals with the prevention and treatment of human movement disorders. Sydney Uni graduates work in a wide variety of areas such as health care organisations, community, sports and workplace settings, schools and private practices and are committed to effective communication with members of the health team and the community at large.
University of South Australia
Uni SA's Bachelor of Physiotherapy degree prepares students for a professional career in physiotherapy and enables them to enter professional practice in various fields including women`s and children`s health, outpatient, acute care, sports, musculoskeletal and geriatric physiotherapy. The program provides a balanced education in related areas of medical science, humanities and physiotherapy practice and promotes attitudes of evidence based practice and problem solving.
University of Canberra
The Discipline of Physiotherapy offers both a Master of Physiotherapy by course work or by research.
WorkCover NSW
Workers compensation provides protection to workers and their employers in the event of a work related injury or disease. When a worker is injured at work, the employer, injured worker, insurer and treatment provider have responsibilities to ensure that the injured worker is provided with benefits and assistance to recover and return to safe, durable work.
WorkSafe VIC
Every Victorian, whether they are a worker or an employer, has a responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. If an injury does occur, it's important that the injured worker is properly supported to manage their injury and return to work as soon as possible. Equally, it’s important that the injured worker makes an effort to return to work as soon as safely possible.
Australian Hand Therapy Association
The Australian Hand Therapy Association Inc. (AHTA) is Australia's only professional association representing hand therapists. AHTA provides support for its members through continuing education, professional development, networking and representation at state and national levels. AHTA also acts as a central referral point for doctors and members of the public seeking the services of Hand Therapists in specific geographic locations.
American Society for Surgery of the Hand
The most comprehensive online resource for hand, wrist, elbow and shoulder information, prepared by the largest and oldest organisation dedicated to care of the hand and upper extremity.