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Pilates Equipment

Pilates is an exercise regime that focuses on training the body’s deep postural muscles, which in turn provides improved stability, strength and control to the spine, pelvis, upper limb and lower limbs.

Clinical Pilates

Physiotherapy Prescribed exercises using pilates equipment is different in that it combines exercise principles with up to date scientific research in physiotherapy. There is a strong emphasis on diagnosis and treatment of your injury and condition.  

Nicole Staight and Tegan Butters both have post graduate training in Exercise Prescription using Pilates equipment. Following a thorough assessment Nicole or Tegan are able to tailor-make an individualized program for each client.

Physiotherapy prescribed exercise can benefit a range of conditions including low back pain, upper back and neck pain,  sporting injuries, pre and post natal, post surgery – spinal, shoulder, knee, hip, fibromyalgia and postural conditions, improved muscle tone and flexibility.  One particular group of people who benefit are people who suffer chronic recurring low back pain,  who may have tried many different treatment interventions. This is a different but very effective form of exercise which can give long term benefits

You can participate in Physiotherapist Prescribed Exercises by individual sessions or progress to a group session.  Group sessions involve 3-4 people. It incorporates the use of floor based exercises and use of specific spring resistance equipment such as the reformer and trapeze table.

Correct technique is essential, therefore close supervision is important to ensure program is carried out correctly. These sessions involve ongoing testing to ensure appropriate modifications and progressions are made.

Following group sessions there is an opportunity to continue with independent programs or home based exercises.

Physiotherapy prescribed exercise group sessions and individual sessions are held at the Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy rooms at 3 Sapphire Coast Dr, Merimbula. There are rebates avaiable from Private Health Insurers for Physiotherapist Prescribed Exercise sessions. 


Pinc Pilates

Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy is pleased to introduce a new service being offered for women suffering from cancer on the far south coast.

Physiotherapist Nicole Staight has recently been trained and certified in the delivery of the Pinc Plates Program.

Pinc Pilates is an innovative physiotherapy rehabilitation program designed to help women regain their physical strength, improve their quality of life, wellbeing and overall health following a cancer diagnosis.

Pinc Pilates is an individualized exercise- based program which aims to help

  • regain flexibility and strength
  • improve core strength and posture
  • ease pain and muscular tension
  • increase energy levels
  • improve general fitness
  • prevention of long term problems

Pinc Pilates includes manual therapy, clinical pilates, fatigue management, breathing exercises, lymphoedema management, and exercise prescription.

Nicole says due to recent medical advances more women are surviving a cancer diagnosis. “Pinc Pilates is the first program of its type in the world, and is dedicated to helping these women regain their physical strength and endurance, improve body confidence and incorporate exercise into their lifestyle.”

Research has repeatedly shown the significant benefits of exercise for women with cancer.  “I am very excited about Merimbula being one of the first regions in Australia to offer this extremely important service to women” says Nicole.

For more information on the Pinc Pilates Program please contact Nicole on 02 6495 2281 or email