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Running Assessments

Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy has recently introduced a new service that will help runners of all levels from beginners to professional. The specialist service is run by Stephanie Auston, a competitive middle distance runner and Physiotherapist. 

The repetitive nature of running means it can easily lead to injury which, if not managed properly and promptly, can become chronic. 

Common running injuries include knee pain, achilles and patellar tendon inssues, plantar fasciitis, shin pain and stress fractures to name a few.

Physiotherapists, with their advanced knowledge of physiology, biomechanics, motor control and injury management, are uniquely suited to address all the factors that may contribute to people not feeling their best when running.

One of the main aims of the assessment is to identify issues that are impeding performance and are most likely to result in injury. 

The assessment involves technical video analysis and considers things like footwear, technique, cadence, terrain, genetics, posture and training program.

What we Offer

An appointment for a Running Assessment can be made at Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy's Merimbula clinic where a physiotherapist will measure, assess and video analyse your running style.

The first stage of the assessment involves:

  • Discussion of your running and injury history, short and long term running goals.
  • Overall body assessment, measuring flexibility, strength, stability and symmetry.

The second stage of the assessment involves:

  • Video analysis of your current running technique with shoes on and shoes off.
  • Strategies to improve your running style.
  • Exercises to improve flexibility, strength and symmetry.

The third stage of the assessment involves:

  • Comprehensive report including your biomechanical assessment findings; the correction strategies (including any prescriptive exercises) for any identified biomechanical problems.

The appointment takes approximately 1 hour and the cost is $146 and can be claimed from your health fund as physiotherapy services.

What to Wear/Bring

Please bring:

  • Running shoes (old and new)
  • Any orthotics (old and new)
  • Your normal running clothing and socks (note: tighter fitting clothes are better for our assessment and marking your bony landmarks)

For more information email or to make a booking call 6495 2281.