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Sports Physiotherapy

Australia’s elite athletes and sporting teams work with physiotherapists to help them achieve and maintain their best performance. But what sets physiotherapists apart from the scrum of health practitioners available to manage a sporting injury?
Firstly, physiotherapists are registered professionals. This means they are accountable to a state registration board, and rigorous professional standards.

Secondly, physiotherapists have a unique level of education and training. All physiotherapists have completed a four-year university degree focusing on anatomy, physiology & biomechanics as well as specific joint and muscle assessment and treatment. The team at Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy includes physiotherapist who have also completed a Masters Degree in Sports Physiotherapy. This qualification is recognised as one of the best in the world, and qualifies our Sports Physiotherapists to work at Olympic Games.

At Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy, we don’t just cater for elite athletes-people of all ages and sporting abilities can benefit from treatment by our physiotherapists through:
  • Providing care of acute injuries on and off the field
  • Optimising your return to sports after injury
  • Analysing your sporting technique to prevent injury
  • Improving your flexibility, muscle strength and control
  • Advising you how to safely increase your fitness
  • Improving your posture and relieving muscle imbalances
  • Prescribing a specific exercise program for ongoing injury management

Click here to Download a Physio 4 You Brochure that explains how you can minimise injury and how to know when it is safe to return to sport after injury.

The large team at Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy allows our physiotherapists to specialise in areas of interest. For example, golfers of all levels will benefit from a consultation with Jeremy, our Golf Physiotherapist. Those needing a comprehensive sports rehabilitation program can see Matt in Bega or Merimbula or Renee in Cooma.

As specialists in the local community we are regularly involved in running education classes on Sports First Aid, management of injury and taping. If you or your sporting club wish to discuss how Sapphire Coast Physiotherapy can help with injury management and prevention please call Adam on 02 6492 0023.