Biomechanical Assessment

Starting up a new hobby? Reoccuring injury preventing you from performing 100% in your favourite sport or hobby? Not able to progress to the next level?

Biomechanics is the study of how the parts of the body move, in relation to each other and the environment. The study of biomechanics is important in recognising what causes an injury, and more importantly in injury prevention.

At Sapphire Coast and Snowy Mountains Physiotherapy, we have skilled physiotherapists trained to complete a biomechanical assessment for a variety of sports:

Biomechanical Assessment

Improve Performance and Reduce Injury Risk

Our physiotherapists will use video and photo analysis to help assess joint angles, joint range of motion and stability during the sports specific movements.

By reviewing your golf swing, ballet pointe or running stride our physiotherapists can provide you with useful information and techniques on how to improve your style and hence improve your performance and reduce the injury risk.

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