As specialists in the local community Sapphire Coast and Snowy Mountains Physiotherapy is regularly involved in running education classes on Sports First Aid, Management of Injury and Taping.

If you or your sporting club wish to discuss how we can help with injury management and prevention, please call Adam at our Bega clinic on 02 6492 0023.

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Running Lake Jindabyne

Build a body that is capable of running well

We were all able to run at some stage in our lives! Our ancestors ran to get food long ago, as a part of their survival. So if it's in our genes, how come running can be so hard and painful?

As society has evolved, sitting times and habits have changed, leaving our bodies ill equipped to run. The once primal skill has become a task we now have to think about and practice in order to improve our performance and keep ourselves pain free.

Each time our foot strikes the ground when running, our body absorbs a force that is 3 times our body weight! With the average runner striking the ground 600 times every kilometre, it's no wonder that 55% of runners get injured.

Whether you're a runner on your 'L plates', a 'shuffler' or a regular on the running track, come along to our courses (listed above) to learn how you can get the best out of your body. Our experienced Physiotherapists (and keen runners) will present the latest research on biomechanics, footwear, barefoot running, breathing techniques, training programs and injury prevention, to help you build up to be the best runner you can be!

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